General terms and conditions of business

1. Scope
The General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) apply to all legal transactions   concluded via the online shop (hereinafter referred to as “Online Shop”). The online shop ( is operated by Wonderland Trading GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Wonderland Trading”).

Wonderland Trading GmbH reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The version of these General Terms and Conditions valid at the time of the order is decisive, which cannot be changed unilaterally for this order. Customer conditions that conflict with or deviate from these General Terms and Conditions will not be recognized.

Every customer has the opportunity to read and print out the current version of the general terms and conditions at any time.

Special features within the meaning of Art. 8 UWG are in particular the minimum age (age confirmation upon purchase) and the largely permissible exclusion of damages of any kind.

2. Delivery
Deliveries are made exclusively to addresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to people with a minimum age of 18 years. By sending the order, the buyer also confirms that he has read and accepted the general terms and conditions and is of the required minimum age. The age is checked by us before each delivery. Unless stated separately, delivery costs are borne by the buyer.

In no case will exceeding delivery times give rise to claims for damages or a right to withdraw from the contract. The provider cannot be held liable if the goods are lost during shipping. If a package is stolen from the storage compartment after the mail has been delivered, you must contact your liability insurance company. You can also file a police report. However, we will always help you deal with a claim. Claims must always be reported immediately to your own post office. Please contact us at the same time so that we can assist you. We are always available to help you if you have any problems. We offer you the option of having the package delivered by registered mail for a surcharge of CHF 2.00.

If Wonderland Trading is late in delivery, the customer (except for special orders) has the right to withdraw from the contract from the 30th calendar day from the originally announced delivery date. In this case, Wonderland Trading will refund the customer any amounts already paid in advance. There are no further claims against Wonderland Trading.

3. Prices
Images of products in the online shop, advertising, brochures, etc. are for illustration purposes and are non-binding. All prices published in the online shop represent final prices, which include all taxes (especially VAT).

This excludes a possible surcharge for small quantities and fees that may be charged when ordering on account. The surcharges and fees are displayed in the shopping cart.

A small quantity surcharge of CHF 5.00 will be charged if the products in the shopping cart cost less than CHF 49.00.

4. Conclusion of contract

The products and prices in the online shop are considered an offer. However, this offer is always subject to the condition that delivery is impossible or that the price is incorrect, which terminates the contract.

The purchase contract for products or services from Wonderland Trading is concluded with Wonderland Trading as soon as the customer places their order in the online shop, in one of the branches, by telephone or by email (hereinafter referred to as “purchase contract”).

The arrival of an online order is notified to the customer via an automatically generated order confirmation from Wonderland Trading to the email address they provided. Receipt of the automatically generated order confirmation does not contain any promise that the product can actually be delivered. It simply shows the customer that the order placed has arrived at the online shop and the contract with Wonderland Trading has therefore been concluded on the condition that delivery is possible and the correct price is quoted.

5. Data protection

The data protection declaration under  data protection declaration  is an integrated part of these terms and conditions. By accepting these terms and conditions, the customer also agrees to the data protection declaration.

6.  Cancellation
It is not possible to return goods purchased from our online shop. Exceptions to this rule are goods with obvious defects or defects.

7.  Guarantee and liability
Complaints of any kind must be reported immediately in writing or by email, but no later than within 5 working days of receipt of the goods.
Any warranty claims by the purchaser are limited to the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty.
The delivery must be checked immediately upon receipt and any delivery errors must be reported in writing within 5 working days. After this period has expired, returns are no longer possible.

Furthermore, Wonderland Trading is not liable for damages that are attributable to one of the following causes:

  • improper, non-contractual or unlawful storage, adjustment or use of the products;
  • Use of incompatible replacement parts or accessories (e.g. power supply);
  • failure to maintain and/or improper modification or repair of the products by the customer or a third party;
  • Force majeure, in particular natural hazards, moisture, fall and impact damage, etc., for which Wonderland Trading is not responsible and official orders.

Returns without prior contact with us will not be processed and will be deemed delivered.

We accept no liability for cuttings. Cuttings are a natural product, so we give no guarantee in the event of any damage. Returns and exchanges are not possible for cuttings.

8. Payment options

Wonderland Trading makes all payment claims for products and services purchased via Wonderland Trading’s online shops directly to the customer.

Payments must be made in Swiss francs.

Cash payment is only possible for Wonderland Trading products in the event of store pickup.

Customers have access to the payment options offered in the online shop under “Payment options”.

The current payment method fees, which may be charged by Wonderland Trading, can be seen under “Payment options” and are shown in detail in the ordering process.

If you pay with a credit card or other instant payment method, you will be charged when you order.

If you pay in advance, delivery will only take place after payment has been received. Orders made in advance will be canceled 20 days after receipt of the order. If no payment has been received into our account after 20 days, the order will be deleted/cancelled.

In the case of a chargeable purchase on account, the customer is obliged to pay the invoice amount within 20 calendar days of receipt of the delivery without any (discount) deductions. In the event of a partial return of the delivered products, the invoice amount can be reduced accordingly.

9. Late Payment

If the customer does not meet their payment obligations in whole or in part, all outstanding amounts that the customer owes to Wonderland Trading under any title will become due immediately and Wonderland Trading can demand these immediately and stop further deliveries of products to the customer.

The following reminders and reminders will be sent:

  • The first reminder will be sent in writing by email from the 21st day
  • The first reminder will be sent in writing by email from the 31st day
  • The second reminder will be sent in writing by letter from the 41st day

Wonderland Trading charges a handling fee of CHF 5 for the second written reminder, which is sent by letter.

If reminders are unsuccessful, the invoice amounts can be assigned to a company commissioned with debt collection.

Wonderland Trading commissions Arvato infoscore GmbH, Rheinstraße 99 76532 Baden-Baden for debt collection.

We reserve the right to obtain information about the customer’s payment behavior from third parties before delivering the order (in particular credit reports, credit reports, debt collection office, etc.). Based on this information, we are authorized to refuse delivery and withdraw from the contract without giving any further reasons. All payment transactions may be subject to validation checks and authorizations, either by your bank or by us (although we may appoint third parties to carry out this authorization in accordance with our privacy policy). If your credit card provider does not process or agree to accept payment, we will not be liable for any delay or refusal to accept your order. Customer payments in the online shop are made in a protected area where the data is transmitted in encrypted form. We assume no liability for the security of the transmission and the transmitted data. If for any reason a payment is rejected after we have already dispatched our product(s), we have the right to collect payment from you or to recover the relevant product(s) from you. We may charge you for our costs in receiving the product(s) back or insist on further payments.

10. Retention of title

Ownership remains with Wonderland Trading GmbH until the product has been paid for in full. Wonderland Trading GmbH reserves the right to make an entry in the retention of title register. Prior to the transfer of ownership, pledging, transfer as security, processing or redesign is not permitted without the express consent of Wonderland Trading.

11. Damage

Under no circumstances can Wonderland Trading GmbH be held responsible for damages of any kind that arise directly or indirectly from the use, application or distribution of products from the online shop. In any case, liability within the meaning of Article 100 OR is reduced as much as possible. This reduction also applies to assistants and assistants. Any liability for consequential damages is rejected.

12. Information about ingredients
The information about ingredients (especially THC, CBD, nicotine) was determined by an accredited laboratory and is checked at regular intervals. However, since some of these are natural products, individual deviations are possible. We accept the information provided by the manufacturer.

13. Buying cuttings

By accepting the general terms and conditions, the buyer of cuttings confirms that he has read and accepted the special provisions regarding cuttings. – The use of our seeds is only permitted under artificial light (“indoor”), excluding the effects of daylight. The CBD cuttings may not be used in agriculture (e.g. in a greenhouse with exposure to daylight or in an open field).

You can find further information about hemp cultivation in the relevant information sheet from the Federal Office of Agriculture.
– We would like to point out that the cultivation of hemp is subject to reporting in certain cantons. Please contact the authorities in your canton for information about this.
– The cuttings come from mother plants with a THC level of less than 1%. Since this is a natural product, CBD and THC levels cannot be guaranteed. If you notice during the cultivation or harvesting process that the THC value is above 1%, the cuttings and their processed products (flowers, etc.) must be destroyed immediately!

14. Partial invalidity

If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are invalid or ineffective, this will have no influence on the effectiveness of the remaining provisions and these General Terms and Conditions as a whole.

15. Jurisdiction

All obligations arising from the contractual relationship are subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes arising from the contractual relationship as well as its creation and effectiveness is Solothurn in Switzerland.

Wonderland Trading GmbH

January 1, 2019